I guess it's time for another "Crime Tip." Now, a month or so ago, I covered 'not leaving your getaway car unattended. I'll give you a moment to go back and review that helpful tip (here's some "waiting music" to make the time go by faster

Ya back yet?

Okay. I thought that it might be a good idea to cover 'disguises.'

A word about disguises. While Clark Kent managed to hide his true identity with a fedora and a pair of Buddy Holly glasses, it's not the optimum plan.Let's take a close look at that plan.












Notice how much Clark looks vaguely similar to Superman? While this may have fooled the razor sharp crew at The Daily Planet, it's still not the best plan.





Now, a ski mask or, if you'd like to add an air of whimsy to your crime, a Halloween mask makes a great disguise. But, what if your crime is not planned and you need a quick disguise?

Well, putting a simple bag over your face is always a quick solution. But careful here! Make sure the bag has eye holes. You might also might want to avoid the kind of bag used by a would-be hold up guy in Cornwall.

In a fit of genius, the guy used a plastic bag. Here is a picture of my friend, Dale Mann using this clever disguise:

Now, if I've done my job correctly, you should be able to spot Dale's mistake in proper identity concealment.Notice how, despite this clever disguise, you can still just about make out who is in the bag.

So -- Remember -- Make sure your entire face (don't forget eye holes) is covered. If you follow this one simple tip, you just might get away with what ever mischief you have planned. then again, there are a million other ways to get caught and I've only given you two tips.

Jamie Neil, the dumb crook in this story is in jail. He's going to be there a long time.