Our own Gary Shannon is starring in yet another movie, and you'll finally be able to see it on October 5 at the Lake Charles Film Festival at Central School.  See the trailer!

Director Ken Henderson (Courtesy Daniel Castro Photography)

According to the film's director -- Moss Bluff screenwriter / director Ken Henderson -- the film is a psychological thriller about a mother who loses her only daughter when she's killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Ken also has his own part in the movie, as you can see in the trailer above.  Gary plays the title character and is joined by Lake Charles resident Julie Ann Fay as the mother.  It was shot in -- get this -- 17 days!

If you like the film, you'll be able to get a DVD pretty quickly.  Send an email to themaninthechairmovie@gmail.com.

She does what the police have failed to do. She finds the man who was behind the wheel and imprisons him in her home. Henderson says he got the idea from watching other micro-budget films like “Hard Candy” starring Ellen Page, that like his own film, take place in a single location with a tiny cast and crew.

“Above all, I wanted this film to be about local talent. I was excited to see what could be done using folks from right here in Calcasieu Parish and using resources we already had available to us,” Henderson continues. “Anyone can make a movie with a million dollars. I wanted to see what could be done on a fraction of that budget.”

--Press release, 9/26/13