( Above: Stupid Picture from around 1977 in the hall of KLOU)

Classic Hits artist just don't make the news the way current artist do, so I thought that each week, we'd catch up with some of those artist and see what they are doing these days.

Here's what went on in Classic Hits this week.



The name may not be all that familiar, but Phil Ramone (No, not of the Ramones) was admitted to a New York hospital with an aortic aneurism. The 72 year old mega producer has worked with just about every major act from Aretha to Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra. Ramone has won 14 Grammy Awards in a very varied career.



Rick Springfield (Jessie’s Girl) will be reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake as the soap “General Hospital” celebrates 50 years on TV. And if you’ll pardon the TV show “pun”, he’s keeping it “All in the Family.” Springfield’s son, Liam Springthorpe, will also be on the show.





A double shot from Motown…Two of the Temptations passed away recently. Damon Harris,

harris trib site

Temptations member from 1971 to 1975 died on Februray 18th and Richard Street


who replaced the late Paul Williams (NOT the Paul Williams who wrote “We’ve Only Just Begun”) in 1971, died this past Wednesday.



While Gene Simmons may give the impression that all former members of KISS are just rolling in money, former KISS guitarist, Ace Frehely, is not doing that great in the financial department. A bank has filed for foreclosure on Frehely’s home in Yorktown, New York. It seems that Freehely is about $700,000 in arrears on the home and the taxes. Maybe Charlie Sheen can bail him out.


And finally, hardcore Beatles fans will recall that the Beatles first record was a recording of “My Bonnie” with the vocalist, Tony Sheriden. It was, of course, a remake of the old folk song “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

Sheridan passed away in Germany following a month long hospital stay.

That’s Classic Hits News for this week, see you next Friday.