Here's another installment of Classic Hits News also known as the medical report. Hey, can't help it; Classic Hits artists are getting older!

Scientist have "honored" Jim Morrison by naming an extinct lizard after him. The lizard in question was about six feet long and was a herbivore. The official name of the lizard is


now, barbaturex morrisoni after the late singers proclamation that he was "The Lizard King." Yeah, whatever. I couldn't find a decent picture of  barbaturex morrisoni that wasn't under copyright, so, I just selected a lizard at random. I don't see the resemblance myself.

flickr/ TCL 1961


You might remember the names Dodi and Mohamed Al-Fayed. there names were all over the place because Dodi was killed in the tragic accident that also took the life of Princess Diana.


Well, Mohamed Al-Fayed has filed a huge lawsuit against Paul Anka. The contention is that in his autobiography, Anka besmirched the name of Al-Fayed calling him a "womanizing, drug-using deadbeat and criminal."

Anka claims to have evidence as says he's not worried about it.

I'd play the audio of Anka screaming at his employees , but I don't have the time to edit out all the profanities. Hey, maybe he was just having a rough day, but nobody should EVER talk to anybody the way Anka talked to his people. Let me just step down off this soapbox and we'll move on.

Last but not least-

All our best wishes and prayers are going out to Judith Durhan, lead vocalist for the 60's group, The Seekers. The Seekers are probably best known in the states for their hits, "Georgy Girl', 'I'll Never Find Another You' and 'A World of Our Own."


Judith suffered a cerebral hemorrhage recently and is trying to recover. Meanwhile, The Seekers, who are pretty much a national treasure in their native Australia, will receive the APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association)-- their 2013 Ted Albert Award for outstanding services to Australian music. The award will be given June 17 in Melbourne.

I thought I'd include a great live performance of The Seekers here.