Allow me, please, to soften that headline just a bit with an explanation.

I've been in radio for over 35 years. Sometimes I feel that I've heard every song that has ever been recorded and every song that will be recorded.

This is my list of songs that I really loved when they were new. These are songs that I would turn up if I heard them on the radio or if I was in the control room playing them. In other words: These are great records; But, I've heard them almost every day for 35 plus years!

At the end, I've added a poll so you can tell me which song you used to turn up, but now you turn it off!


10. "Blinded by the Light" - I used to listen to the LONG version and crank it up.

9. "Good Vibrations" - I love the Beach Boys and 'Good Vibrations' is a classic. I bought the record when it first came out.

8. "Sweet Caroline" - I first heard this in the Summer of 1969. I had a Summer job and it came on while I was removing a tree stump from a yard, which gives you some idea of what kind of job I had. It's now a standard in piano bars on cruise ships all over the world.

7. Everything by Fleetwood Mac - Just plain over exposed. I do still like the song 'Gypsy.'

6. "Baby, I Love Your Way" - Peter Frampton- Played the song on the air, had the album. 'Nuff said?

5. "Magic Man" - Heart- Unlike some songs on this list, I wasn't in radio when this song came out. I worked for MusicLand. The album played all day every day, Then I got into radio and played the song every day. Add to that: The more I hear Ann Wilson go on about herself, the less I like the group anyway.

4. "Just the Way You Are" - Billy Joel

3. "Philadelphia Freedom" - Okay, the truth is that I never really liked this song. It's a song about a tennis team ( seriously) and I never could identify with it. Listen to the words. It's a song about nothing.

2. "Imagine" - John Lennon - Imagine writing about 'no possessions' in a luxury apartment that very few people could afford on a white piano that very few people could afford and making millions of dollars off that song. I loved this song when it first came out.

1. "Hotel California" - Eagles- This song is number 1 on my list because I truly did love the song when it came out. Just a great record, but not only have I played in on the air every day since it came out, but the song is everywhere. You even hear it in grocery stores. Just because I'm burned on it doesn't mean it's not a great record.

Okay. Now it's your turn. Here's a short poll. I've already listed the songs from my list, so you can vote for up to 3 songs. I've also left a place for you to tell me which song you used to love, but can't hear anymore. Have fun!