One of the great things about being on the radio and writing blogs is that I get to vent a lot of my frustrations in public.  Here a just a few things that get under my skin, and I'll bet they get under yours as well.

1. Obliviots - You won't find that word in spell check. My nephew coined the term to describe people that are oblivious to everyone but themselves. The worst are the people who are obliviot drivers, but they are bad no matter where you come across them. They won't signal a turn, because it just isn't manly, even if it means that 10 cars could have gone instead of waiting to see if the moron was turning or going straight.

Most other obliviots are pretty harmless, but still irritating. You know, the woman in line at the grocery store who doesn't take out here checkbook until she knows the total and such.

2. Cell Phone Cretins - These are people that, I can only assume want everyone to know they have a cell phone. Like it;s an exclusive item that only the very special can have. They talk full volume no matter where they are. I especially love the one's who chat their inane patter while in line at a store. They totally ignore the person checking them out because, well...Chad a Tiffany have a date Saturday and it's, like, so OMG that they finally...and blah blah blah

3. Self Checkout- Why use technology that isn't ready for the public? In the history of self-check, has there ever been a smooth transaction?

First of all, there's the voice that tells you what to do: Scan your item, place the item in the bagging area. Well, no kidding? Could you please repeat those complicated instructions for me?

Then, when you're scanning, the machine gets confused. Everything is zipping along and suddenly the 'scanner' gets crazy and says that an 'associate' has been notified to help you. Help me what? Put a can in the 'bagging area?'

By the way, it's funny to me that the 'associate' is never anywhere to be found. Except once. I was at a local grocery store and there was the 'associate' chatting merrily on the phone. I gave him 'Cold Hard Stare #5', but he kept chatting away. My satisfaction? Leaving an enormous amount of groceries for them to re-shelve.  Score: Me 1 - Automated Checker 1,524

Thanks for letting me rant!


1.  Grocery store self-checkouts.  They just don't work and you always end up needing that one employee monitoring them to come help you.


2.  People who sit on the aisle seat of a bus instead of the window seat, just to keep people from sitting next to them.


3.  People clipping their nails in public.


4.  Two trucks driving next to each other on a two-lane highway at the same speed.


5.  People holding their phones in front of them and talking to someone on speaker in public . . . then looking annoyed if you seem to be "eavesdropping."


6.  Emailing someone with a question . . . and them calling you to answer it.


7.  Headphones magically tangling themselves every time you put them in a bag.


8.  Friends who propose plans at places that are always coincidentally within two or three blocks of where they live.