For about two years now, I've had the privilege of hosting Trivia Night and Pub Games at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub. If you've never played, come join us every Tuesday night at 7pm.

The most frequently asked question I get about Trivia Night is: "Is it all Celtic and Irish trivia?"

The answer is: "No, it's the same kind of trivia you would hear anywhere...It's just a heck of a lot more fun!"

Here's more:

For the most part, our trivia is what you hear on 92.9 The Lake with Gary and Heather or with Dave Morgan in the afternoon.

On trivia night, we focus on movies, songs, general pop culture that just about everyone knows.

Our first round is always pictures. We've had celebrity mug shots, movie stars without their makeup, rock stars who have aged and look nothing like they used to and a million other subjects as well. In between rounds of trivia we play games. We might ask you to make a paper airplane and hit a target with it, we might play a very short round of darts...silly stuff just for fun.

One highlight of Trivia night is when the MacFarlane Celtic Pub pipers play a number for us to open the games. James Dean and Adam McBride always get the crowd going "wi' the playin' o' the pipes" .


the team with the most points (a team can be anywhere from two people to a crowd) wins a $50 MacFarlane's Gift Card good for anything on the menu (or behind the bar)

Here are some of our winning teams

Add to the fun the fact that MacFarlanes has great food and over 135 beers and you can see why it's such a great night!

Come out and join me any Tuesday night at 7. Oh, you might want to get there early. Sometimes we have standing room only. it just depends on the night.

Come for a great dinner and stay for Trivia and Pub Games!