I don't know Bruce personally, and yet I feel compelled to offer the man an apology.

So, here goes. Bruce, I'm sorry for slighting your accomplishments.

For years, I've been making jokes that Bruce was no longer 'The Boss' and was now downgraded to 'Night Manager' or 'Shift Supervisor.' I meant no harm, it's just that Springsteen hasn't had that many hits on the charts in the past several years. Now I find out that he has surpassed another very well known artist as far as #1 albums are concerned.

Who is that 'well known artist?'

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN just earned his eleventh #1 album with 99,000 copies of "High Hopes".  That moves him ahead of ELVIS on the all-time list. They'd previously been tied with ten #1 albums each . . . so Bruce is now behind only JAY Z with 13 and THE BEATLES with 19.

In all seriousness, Springsteen is one of only a handful of recording artist who have been around for more than 20 years who are still relevant. Hats off to the man for that and for breaking such an impressive record.

Sorry Bruce- I admit that you truly are 'The Boss.' I have to add that he is one of the few acts I'd like to see in concert.

So Bruce, if you read this, how 'bout a couple of tickets?