I adore gardening but i hate struggling to get up and down in my yard. I may hate to admit it, but it is a fact of life. As I am getting older, I find I need a few pain saving aids and one of them is my garden kneeler.

When I was a youngster I thought nothing of getting down on my knees and digging in the dirt. I enjoyed making mud pies with my little sister and decorating them with the berries from the holly bushes. We would kneel on the dirt or concrete walkway for long periods of time without giving any thought to anything other than getting those berries evenly spaced. Now, both my sister and I, are slightly past 20 years of age and we need a bit of cushion between our knees and those hard places.

A garden kneeler can truly make working in the garden a painless pleasure again. This particular kneeler has hand grips to help me stand again and also doubles as a bench when I need to sit and rest for a moment.

Now...If I could just get my little sister to try the special desserts I make for her. You know my mud pies would be delicious if she just understood they aren't made of dirt anymore!