I called 'foul' the moment I saw the headline. I've had experience with charities in Louisiana and I've seen people dig into their purses to give even after their own homes were destroyed by hurricane Rita.

I'll let you read the results for yourself and then we'll take a look at the methodology behind the poll and you'll see what a work of fiction this is.


According to this new Gallup poll, folks in Utah are the most likely to say they have donated money to a charity or volunteered their time for one in the last month, a new Gallup poll report.


“Highest percentages of charitable giving, by state”:
South Dakota
New Hampshire



"Lowest percentage by state":

New York
North Carolina
West Virginia
Rhode Island


Now, let's take a look at how they conducted this poll. According to Gallup, they interviewed at least 600 people in each state and they....Hey, wait a minute! Did they say 600 people in each state?

You mean to tell me that in the state of New York which, if I'm not mistaken, has a rather large city with a population of well over 8 million, they talked to 600 people?

Texas has 26 million people and they talked to 600 of them and had the nerve to release this information as fact?

I've worked for tons of charities since I've been in Louisiana and I've found that folks in Louisiana are most likely to share their last crumb with someone in need. I've seen it first hand and I didn't have to go out on the street and ask people if they gave to charity.

Right after Hurricane Rita, 92-9 The Lake held a Radiothon for Children's Miracle Network. People who had blue tarp for roofs were donating money to help kids they didn't even know and they were donating everything they could, so don't try to tell me that folks in Louisiana don't give to charity.

Here's my guess: People in Louisiana are less likely to brag about it.