Do you remember the TV show called Candid Camera? As the host Alan Funt put it, It's about average ordinary people just being themselves and that description certainly applies here. Just like in the TV show, these people either didn't know they were on camera or at least they weren't thinking about the eye in the sky catching everything they do.

In the video, there are an awful lot of people falling down. Now I know that falling down isn't funny unless it happens to someone else. You'll see odd interactions with pets and other animals. From out of nowhere, you'll see a man bust out a break dance move with funny consequences. It looks like he's at a job interview. i doubt that he is, but it would make the video even funnier.

Basically what this is is a compilation of people making some funny errors in judgement. Ordinary, everyday people caught in the act of just being themselves. Enjoy the video and be glad you're not featured in one of them.