Think back to the days before you had kids. think of all the things you could do on a moments notice. think of all the possibilities that existed in your life before you decided, or your friends and family decided, that it was time for you to start a family.

Well, the mastermind behind this video is a guy by the name of Jason Messina and he's the creator of the comedy site called Sure Thing Chief. For more great comedy, I highly suggest you check out some that sites other work as well.

Basically this is a total spoof of all those drug commercials we are bombarded with every evening no matter which channel you may watch. You know, the drugs that spend 10 seconds telling you about the name of the drug and what it is for followed by 50 seconds of side effects that are, in many cases, worse than the symptoms of the ailment.

Whether or not you have kids, you'll enjoy: Not Having Kids, the Alternative to Having Kids