Everyone loves to take a walk down memory lane -- here at Fun Radio, we've kind of made a whole business of it!  Still, as the years go by, it's comforting to catch up with people and sounds that used to be part of our daily lives.  This year's most popular post (we won't give it away yet) was the gift that kept on giving all year long.  We were constantly surprised to find how popular the post had become -- as were several other "Where Are They Now" type stories. 

There were tragic stories, such as the loss of Cormie's Grocery and the shooting at Ross Dress For Less.  But there was humor, too, such as the 'richest' fictional characters and a live alligator that was found hanging out at a local store.

Here's the stories that you, our readers, found to be the most engaging in 2011!  Happy New Year!