Here’s how you know just how popular Facebook is: Even fugitives find the time to log on! A Port Angeles, Washington man has been updating his Facebook page while on the lam. Travis A. Nicolaysen, 26, escaped from officers in three separate chases last Wednesday. On his first day on the run, a friend posted “cops all over you.” Nicolaysen responded a few hours later with “got away thanks bro.” Nicolaysen has been convicted of five felonies, including domestic violence, burglary and theft of a firearm. He is wanted for failing to check in with his community corrections officer. He's also accused of assaulting his girlfriend last month. Well, ex-girlfriend. As of Saturday, Nicolaysen updated his relationship status to “single.” Cops are still hunting for him, but maybe eventually he’ll use Facebook’s “check-in” feature and give away his location!