It's Friday and there's a full slate of FUN tonight at CONTRABAND DAYS!

Here's your Friday line-up !


04:00 PM:  Festival Gates Open

Galley Alley Food Booths

Galley Alley Dining Area - Sponsor: Lloyd Lauw Collision Center

Pirate Marketplace

* Emerson Pony Rides

* USS Orleck Laser Tag - LCCC Contraband Days Rm. (2nd Floor)


05:00 PM:  * Todd Armstrong Carnival Rides



05:00 PM: Lake Charles Cannon Firing to Protect the City - Seawall

06:00 PM: Buccaneers begin shore landing - Seawall

07:00 PM: Jean Lafitte and Buccaneers Force City Mayors to "Walk

the Plank" - Seawall

07:00 PM - Midnight: Auditions - "The Sound of Lake Charles", hosted

by L.A. 2 LA Productions - Rosa Hart Theatre


Malibu Rum Outdoor Stage:

06:00 PM: RYAN ANDREAS (As seen on NBC-TV's "America's Got





07:30 PM:  BEVERLY McCLELLAN (As seen on NBC-TV's "The Voice")









Pirate's Cove:

04:00 PM: Tim Norris

06:00 PM: Tom Brandow

08:00 PM: Open-Mic Karaoke

10:00 PM: Angel Leal


Kid's World Stage:

05:30 PM: Steve Gryb: "The Pied Piper of Percussion"

07:00 PM: St. Louis Show Choir

08:00 PM: Steve Gryb: "The Pied Piper of Percussion"

09:00 PM: The International Dance Company

10:00 PM: Steve Gryb: "The Pied Piper of Percussion"