Lake Charles Police responded to a call on Wednesday in regards to a theft at the Vietnam War Memorial on Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered that 4 of the windows had been removed from the helicopter.

As luck would have it, while they were on the scene, a vehicle matching that suspect's vehicle was spotted on Lakeshore Drive. The officers conducted a traffic stop and found the stolen windows still in the vehicle. All four of the suspects were arrested on the spot.

The suspects are:

Regan Kayne Kirkman - 18 years of age, 854 Briar Marsh Road, Ragley, LA

Gabriel Paul Jones - 19 years of age, 5939 Highway 12, Ragley, LA

David Allen Ryan Guillory - 17 years of age, 360 White Oak Road, Ragley, LA

Forrest Alexander Moses – 21 years of age, 3330 Westwood Road Apartment 7,

All four were arrested and charged with theft and criminal trespassing. It's just a shame it's not illegal to be a total jerk, because they could have been charged with that as well.