Once upon a time, Chuck Muncie was a three-time  three-time Pro Bowl running back. He was also a first round draft choice for the Saint's but drug abuse took all that away from him. Muncie was down but not out. He did turn his life around and became quite a figure in his community.


Muncie, played for the Saints from 1976-80 then moved to the Chargers for four years. In his career, Muncie rushed for 6,702 yards and 71 touchdowns, but his career ended in 1984 when he tested positive for cocaine.

After a short stint with the Vikings, Muncie and pro football parted company.

In 1989, his life still in a spiral, Muncie was sent to prison for 18 months for selling cocaine. When his term was over, he began working with children and adult addicts, while also counseling gang members to get out of the life.

The Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation, a nonprofit established in 1997, counseled youngsters and offered alternatives to gangs. It also paid for a tattoo-removal program for gang members. Muncie also mentored athletes at the University of California, his alma mater.

Muncie was 60 years old. the cause of death was a heart attack.