Without a doubt one of the most depressing #1 hits of all time is 'In the Year 2525.'

The song was originally written way back in 1964 and finally made it to vinyl in 1968. Finally, in the summer of 1969,  despite the less than hopeful message, the song flew up the charts to the #1 position and sold more than a million copies.

Zager and Evans never had another Top 40 Hit, but what a monster hit they had with 2525!

What's up with Zager and Evans now?

According to Wikipedia they are both still in the music business. I couldn't find out what Rick Evans is doing, but Denny Zager is now a master guitar maker and is pretty well known for the Zager EZ-Play Guitars. I've never played one, but I understand they really are quality guitars. You couldn't tell by my playing anyway. I could make a custom made Taylor sound like a cardboard box.

Here are Zager and Evans performing their monster hit: