Well, the Super Bowl has come and gone.  A pretty average game, I thought, with a predictable outcome.  Oh, well!

At the beginning of the season, Eli Manning proclaimed himself one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, on par with Tom Brady, et all. After yesterday’s MVP performance, the Giants leading man has some hard facts to prove it. Manning is now one of just five players in the history of the league to win multiple Super Bowl MVP awards. Manning’s name will forever be uttered with the names of three Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks and two surefire future member of the Hall of Famers. His two Super Bowl MVPs equals Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre and Brady; Joe Montana owns three Super Bowl MVP trophies.

Does anybody really remember all this stuff??  I mean, it's still a game!

As far as the commercials, we couldn't figure out what some of them were actually about!  Well, I KNOW what this one is about!