It’s not unusual to get busy and order in lunch and use my desk in the office as a table, in fact typically I prefer it to going out for lunch. Today I’m having red beans and rice, from Tarver Ford in Lake Charles. No they didn’t trade selling F150’s and Mustangs for cooking up good Homestyle food – this plate was $7 with the proceeds going toward Flood Relief.

Many local businesses are stepping up and doing what they can to try to help out. Walk-On’s on Common Street in Lake Charles is donating 20% of all their sales today to flood relief. Plus today (Wednesday Aug 24) Walk-On’s has a trailer out front to fill with supplies. Go!

Market Basket stores, 18 of them in Louisiana 34 total are collecting non-perishable goods through September 3rd and hauling truckloads east to where the 50-60,000 homes have been hit, and we thank our Texan neighbors who are filling the Market Basket trucks across the Sabine.

One thing I’m purchasing to send east is mosquito spray. In normal times you know how the skeeters can get after a rain, imagine what they’ll be after this! And news stories about Zika’s approach to Louisiana are already in the headlines.

To an extent, we’re lucky – those of us that have an air-conditioned home to sleep in tonight. You know how it is – next time it could be you and me sitting out, trying to salvage, missing work days, wondering how we’ll ever re-build. Let’s help our neighbors all we can – buy the lunches, shop the donators, support the efforts.