It's practically a landmark. Just about everyone has had 'The Usual' for breakfast or a late night burger from K.D.'s.

Thanks to the Lake Charles Fire Department, that landmark will re-open in a few days.

According to K.D.'s General Manager, Missy Yates, on Wednesday afternoon, employees noticed smoke billowing from the attic. Yates and the other employees tried to put out the fire using their fire extinguisher, but the fire grew beyond their control.

The LCFD showed up, took care of the blaze and K.D.'s escaped with only smoke damage. Officials say that it's likely that a spark from the kitchen ignighted the insulation in the attic.

Yates says that K.D.'s has some cleaning up to do, but they will re-open in just a few days.

Many thanks to our friends at KPLC for use of their picture.