We all so used to American political ads. You know the routine. the candidate comes on with a picture of him or herself with a spouse, 2 1/2 kids and a dog and they proceed to tell us what a rotten bum their opponent is. It's the American formula for political advertising, but a Canadian candidate has taken a whole new approach.

Wyatt Scott is running as an Independent for a seat in the Canadian Parliament and his approach to getting his name out is certainly unique. You'll see no wife in his video. There are no quite kids and there's not a dog in sight. Instead, Scott portrays himself as a kind of modern day dragon slayer as he rails about how much Canada needs to change.

In fact, in this video her does slay a dragon as he promotes himself in one of the campiest political ads you'll ever see. I don't know if this unique approach will get him elected, but kudos for thinking way outside the box.