Drones are everywhere now. In fact, the picture at the top of our Facebook page was taken with a drone owned by one of our announcers. It's a great picture and not at all what I expected when Patrick told me he was going to nsap some pictures of downtown Lake Charles using the camera on his drone. For some reason, I expected some grainy, blurry shot, but as you can see, it's really a great picture.

The guy that shot this video calls himself Farmer Derek and he's obviously very good at maneuvering his drone around any way he wants it. I can only imagine how badly I would mangle such a project. I remember having a remote control helicopter back in the day and I managed to mangle it pretty good.

At any rate, Farmer Derek is pretty handy with his drone. I didn't think he'd really catch a fish, but not only did he catch one, but got it back to the pier. The fish hits at about :34 and we get to see the action from the drones point of view at about :42. Let's go to Big Lake and go drone fishing. looks like fun!