This is one of those things I think we've all suspected, but now there are stats to show it's true; falling in love makes you dumber!

You know that feeling of being into someone, when they start dominating your thoughts all day long?  Turns out your brain really can't deal with it.

According to a new study, when people fall in love, they immediately get dumber.

The researchers analyzed 43 people who'd been in relationships for less than six months . . . and found the ones who said they were falling deeply in love did worse on tests than people who were just dating casually.

The blame really does go to love dominating your every thought . . . your brain has a limited amount of resources, and when most of them are devoted to falling in love, you can't use as much brainpower on everything else.

Fortunately, once you settle into being in love, your brain goes back to working normally.

I disagree with the last part of this study. I maintain that, once you have fallen in love, you remain dumber it's just that you get used to being dumb. Of course, I could be wrong. Nahhh, who am I kidding, I'm right.