Most people experience stress on the job but, we generally deal with it and move on. Darren Baldwin of Blackpool, England just couldn't take the stress of his job and more and decided to take it out on his bosses face. Some bosses just don't take kindly to such actions and Baldwin was dismissed.

The whole episode makes one wonder about the effectiveness of the product created at that factory. Don't get ahead of me, it's not a pharmaceutical.

And now....the payoff.

Baldwin worked at the SNS factory in Blackpool. That's where they make those soft, squishy little objects called "Stress Balls."

Obviously,  making the product is not nearly as relaxing as using one ( I never found it particularly relaxing anyway) because after Baldwin punched his boss, he threatened co-workers with a knife. Bosses tend to frown on such actions and Baldwin was fired and arrested.

And that, boys and girls, is a textbook example of Irony.