‘Friends’ Or ‘Frenemy’?

According to a new survey by Eversave.com, there’s a fine line between friend and “frenemy” on Facebook. The survey reveals that while 79% of women use Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they’re up to, and 64% share interesting and/or funny links and videos, they have little tolerance for friends who use the site to brag or over-share. In fact, 85% have been annoyed by their online friends. Here’s some things you should stay away from to keep from making frenemies:

  • Complaining all the time (63%)
  • Sharing unsolicited political views (42%)
  • Bragging about seemingly perfect lives (32%)

Despite the occasional annoyances, 91% of women appreciate Facebook for allowing them to see friends’ photos and videos, while 76% like it for helping them to search for long lost friends. But women may want to think twice before accepting a friend request. When asked if they were friends with any of these online personalities, nearly half or more said yes to the following:

  • The documentarian who updates their status with every move (65%)
  • The drama queen where everything’s a crisis (61%)
  • The proud mama who thinks Junior’s every move is a headline (57%)
  • The incessant liker; they “like” every post (46%)
  • The poser, the one who projects an image of life so perfect it’s unbelievable (40%)