Let me tell you the tale of woe that lead to the state I'm in. You see, I'm just one of millions of people with an addiction to a well known substance. Now, you may be one of those people who can take it or leave it, but not me. I'm addicted and I guess I always will be. Yes, friends, I am a Java Junkie.

Like most people with addictions, I didn't set out to become addicted to coffee. Now that I think about it, I didn't have any say in the matter. I was introduced to the tasty coffee bean at a very early age and, believe me, I went for it in a big way. Still, my introduction to coffee came along when I was still far too young to know what I was doing.

According to family legend, my parents were visiting my grandparents as was their weekly habit,when suddenly, the baby (that would be me) went missing. My parents began a room to room search to see what I was getting into and, after a short search, I turned up. My parents found me in the kitchen and my grandfather was spoon feeding me Seaport dark roast. I was hooked ever since.

Being a coffee addict means always looking forward to the next cup of coffee. Being hooked on Joe means that you are locked in the search for the perfect cup of coffee.Every cup of coffee you try has the potential of being the best ever, but most turn out to be just another cup of coffee. I have a few favorites and, if you're a real coffee fan, you know what you like already, but here are a few beans you might enjoy the next time you take a slug from the mug on a cold morning.

The Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast - These dark, slow roasted beans always yield a great cup of coffee. The company bags the beans right after slow roasting and that insures a fresh cup of coffee even if the container has been on the shelf for awhile.

Hawaiian Gold Kona Gourmet Blend -- We've all heard from the Folgers people that mountain grown coffee is the richest tasting coffee and that's part of the secret behind this world-wide favorite. Kona is actually a blend of different kinds of beans; all mountain grown.Kona is also a favorite because it seldom has a bitter taste at all.

Death Wish - The reviews all say that Death Wish is a very smooth coffee, but the consistent smooth flavor is far from this coffee's claim to fame. What real fans like about Death Wish is that it contains a big slap in the face of caffeine. In fact Death Wish has twice the caffeine as regular coffee.

My actual favorite is the Gold Kona. Real Kona coffee costs a bit more than regular coffee, but that smooth flavor is well worth it. For best results, buy the whole beans and grind them yourself.

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