We've been hearing about it for years now and the "day" is just a few days off. So are the predictions that the Mayan calendar predicted the "End of the World" on December 21, 2012!

Here's a little something to think about. A lot of the crackpots predicting the "end" are encouraging people to go out and stock up on supplies. Exactly what supplies will you need if the world is going to end?

A few are building bunkers and looking for caves to live in. On a planet that will be destroyed? Seriously?

The insanity has gotten so out of hand that NASA and other scientist have had to take time away from real science to try and get people to see that, if the Mayans could have predicted anything, they would have predicted their own demise!

One point many scientist are making is that, if you take a modern calendar and examine it, you will notice that it ends on December 31st. that doesn't mean the world will end, it's just time to start over. Scientist say that the Mayan calendar works the same way. When one gets to the end, just go back to the beginning.

But, since I'm no scientist, I'll let a real scientist tell you about the "Not end of the world" in 2012.

So, pay your rent for January, 2013. Invited to a New Year's Party? Go to it.

If you know anyone, especially children. who have been scared by all this garbage, reassure them. Kids have had enough on their plates this week. They don't need a lot of crackpots adding to their fears.  Let them watch this video.

It's an internet hoax and it points out a big problem with the internet. There is no minimum IQ for posting on the web. People with bad intent can post right along with good people.