The much debated, very divisive education reform bill is on it's way to Bobby Jindal and he will, no doubt, sign that bill into law next week.

That bill will not win Jindal any votes among educators and for a variety of reasons...

The bills will make it tougher for teachers to reach  tenure. The bill will also establish a statewide voucher program for private school tuition, make it easier to create charter schools, expand online schools and restructure public financing of education.

The Senate made a few minor changes in the bill and the vote came in at  60-43 and 60-42 votes,  over strong opposition from both the teacher unions and several thousand teachers. Several protest were held at the state capitol over the past few weeks. Many teachers were further upset by the fact that they felt the legislators were not listening to them.

That lack of communication from the Governor lead to a recall petition for Jindal and Chuck Kleckley.


Here's how our representatives voted on House Bill 974 and House Bill 976:

Dist. #30: James Armes        Tenure: No     Voucher: No

Dist. #33: Michael Danahay  Tenure: No     Voucher; No

Dist. #34: A.B Franklin          Tenure: No     Voucher: No

Dist. #35: Brett Geymann     Tenure: No     Voucher: No

Dist. #36: Chuck Kleckley     Tenure: Yes    Voucher: Yes

Dist. #37: John Guinn           Tenure: No     Voucher:  Yes

Dist. #47: Bob Hensgens      Tenure: Yes   Voucher: Yes