I do the same resolution every year. It's probably yours too. I always vow to get into better shape through diet and exercise. I accomplish this some years and others fail miserably. This article is not about the usual New Years resolutions but does offer eight ways to make your life better this year.

Don Rivers

I bet you have never considered meditation. I have not seen to many Cajuns meditate but the evidence shows many advantages like a sense of well being and a sense of being centered among those who meditate regularly.

The next things on the list you probably already know. One is to get physical and the other is to practice anything! It could be a musical instrument, learning a new language, basketball or just about anything. Some practices combine physical activity with practice.. At one of the best and most healthy points in my life I constantly tried to beat my previous times and speeds on cardio machines. Practice gives you a healthy habit to fall back on.

Eat smarter and simpler. Learn to eat foods that make you healthier and prevent future health problems. I can preach this but have never been consistent in my practice. Good luck with this one.

Next .... get off facebook and go interact with your family and friends. My mother in law thought it was awful when the family got together and watched TV. She thought the time was better spent talking with each other. She would have hated social media because it takes us away from personal interaction. She was right. Studies have shown we are actually happier when we personally interact with family and friends.

The others make perfect sense. Be more aware of others. Ask others about their lives. Become involved with others. Volunteer to help. It will make you feel much better to help others. It is one of the best feelings ever. Learn more about making 2014 a great year here.