Dumb Product Labels!!

David Hecker
Getty Images News


A Georgia non-profit has announced the finalists for the Wacky Warning Labels Contest. The Center for America of Roswell non-profit promoting legal reform listed the top five finalists for the 14th annual contest, which will award cash prizes to those who submitted the top three warnings. The winners will be chosen in June. The top 5 finalists:

  • Warning from a dust mask: “Does not supply oxygen.”
  • Warning from a hot tub cover: “Warning: Avoid Drowning. Remove safety cover from spa when in use.”
  • Warning on a bicycle brochure featuring pictures of small children on bikes:  “Warning: The action depicted in this brochure is potentially dangerous. The riders seen are experienced experts or professionals.”
  • Warning on an advertisement for a gun holder resembling a day planner: “For gun only, not a functional day planner.”
  • Warning on instructions for a ballpoint pen: “Warning: Pen caps can obstruct breathing. Keep out of mouth.”

Vote for your favorite at www.centerforamerica.org.