Marathon Runner Loses Car For 2 Days
An Albany, New York, man finished the New York City Marathon only to realize he couldn't remember where he parked his car - for two days. Charles Petraske parked his hybrid Hyundai Sonata in a Manhattan garage November 6th and boarded a charter bus to the Staten Island start-line. He took only the key to his car and $40 with him, leaving the parking ticket on the dashboard. Petraske took a cab back to Bryant Park after completing the race but couldn't remember where he parked his car. Petraske's wife drove into the city to pick him up when police said they couldn't locate a missing car until it was towed. The car was located two days later after Petraske called a company that runs the ads on billboards he remembered seeing at the parking garage. Based on his description, the company directed him to a Park n' Lock near Madison Square Garden.