It's more than a little dark at 4:30 in the a.m. but i can still see your car crossing the lines  thus causing me become extra attentive to you.  Since you are a service vehicle and are typically delivering patients to their appointment, I think you may be under pressure to get someone to a hospital emergency room and I say a little prayer for you.   When I pull up next to you I am grateful to see you don't have a passenger.  However, I suddenly understand why the irratic driving.  You are texting...really?  Who the heck are you texting at 4:30 A.M.  and WHY are you texting at the same time you are driving?  All i can figure is you must be driving with your knees and  without your brains.  Maybe you think since it's so early in the morning,  your car must not be nearly as dangerous as other times of the day.  Since the other cars on the road and those innocent walkers/runners on the sidewalk are obviously of NO concern to you, it's appearantly a really  important text you are handling.  Then you have the audacity to continue texting as you get off of Lake st and turn onto Lakeshore Drive.At that point I looked for the first exit i could take just to get away from you. Please remember, you are a service vehicle carrying precious cargo that someone calls Nana or Pawpaw.  I am now convinced that if your patient didn't need an emergency room beforehand, they will likely need one after a ride with you.