Drew Park truly is a very nice location for entertaining the kids, having a family picnic or maintaining that New Year's resolution to do more walking, but there's another side to that lovely park when the sun goes down. Shots were fired the other night after park hours. No one was injured, but the suspect got away.

It seems that another element takes over the park after dark and it's because of that "other element" that security measures are going to be beefed up in the coming weeks.

Lately, people who live in the Drew Park area have reported people loitering around the park after hours. I can't state this for a positive fact, but I'm pretty sure they aren't there to admire the flowers. The problem of these late night prowlers have lead to a decision to beef up security in the area.

For starters, in the next few weeks, security cameras will be installed in the park to monitor activities in the area. City officials are also talking about adding more lights and shortening the hours the park will be open to the public.

It's kind of sad that one of the best parks in town is having such problems. In the meantime, do use caution of you use Drew Park at any time of day. Until the problem is solved, it's best not to go there at night.