I stumbled upon this stress relief game years ago and forgot all about it until today. I was reading an article about Deakin University in Melbourne Australia and their studies on stress control. From time to time, we all experience some stress in our lives and it's great to have a non-medical way to relieve that stress.

Well, Deakin University has found that breaking things can be a great stress relief. Now, in the real world, breaking things can get expensive and dangerous, so the university has come up with a virtual way for you to break things and there's no clean-up after!

The stress relief video which streams live from university at 12 midnight Louisiana time,gives you the option of choosing a character to do the destroying for you and you get to go crazy smashing everything in site. You can pick office equipment or household items to smash up to your hearts content.


Now, if you want stress relief right on your desktop, here's a great stress reliever I found ages ago. It's the Desktop Destroyer and you'll get hooked on this one. The game gives you a wide choice of weapons. You can choose from a flame thrower, machine gun or host of other items to destroy whatever image is on your desktop. I like the machine gun and the hammer best. Download your Desktop Destroyer and decompress!