I made the weekly trip to Walmart today. We used to go once very two weeks and spend less than we do in one week now. I'm not here to talk about prices though. I'm not really sure I'm here to talk about shopping. I am a Virgo and act exactly as expected. I am a perfectionist. Ask anyone I work with. It can be a good or bad thing. I study everything I do and try to do my best. I approach grocery shopping the same way. I can see you shaking your head; but humor me and read on.

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The first thing I do is make a list. I always come home short handed if I don't have one. It's bad to come home without the water or toilet paper. Then the one thing that can really make this chore a pain is getting a shopping cart (or buggy as my dad calls it) that rattles while it rolls. Don't leave the shopping cart area until you find one that rolls easily. They love it when you go through a few.

This is where shopping years ago was different. In my parent's days (yeah that's right) you did not have to pay as much attention to "buggy" loading. You just made sure you did not "mash" the bread or eggs. The bag bog would professionally unload your "buggy" for you. You groceries were then bagged correctly, loaded correctly back into the "buggy" and then rolled out and unloaded neatly into your car. I ... uh I mean my parents always thought this was worth a little tip. This treatment has gone the way of the rotary dial phone and eight track tapes.

Loading your buggy correctly will save you time at the checkout and when loading your car. It will also make sure nothing is "mashed", bruised or broken. Just remember to put all heavy items to the front of your shopping cart (I think "buggy" is worn out by now.) Place the lighter items toward the back. Just do this as you shop. Then when you get to the register you can unload the heavy items first and lighter items last. Then load it back in your shopping cart the same way.

The when you get to the car you can put the heavy items on the bottom and unload your cart quickly. This really pays off in the rain or cold.

Well there it is. Walmart shopping from a professional. I'm not sure shopping is what I am a professional at though.