You would think my favorite sound is music. I do love music and probably don't list it as my favorite because I listen to music twelve hours a day. When I really want to relax ... it's all about great background sounds.

What was my favorite concert? What is my favorite band, song, type of music? All those questions depend on the time and place. My favorite sounds though ... I love all the time. It could be because I just don't get enough time to stop and enjoy them; so I cherish the moments I do. I offer you some sounds that I hope you enjoy also. You may even want to add them to your favorites for when a break is in order.

Don't you love the sound of birds. There is just something calming about and beautiful about it. It always reminds me of waking up at my grandmother's house and that is a great memory.

Where is a hammock when you need one. Chilling by a small brook is very relaxing and like a reboot for me. You agree?

One thing you will always find hanging around my house is wind chimes. There is nothing better than a nap in the recliner with the sound of wind chimes in a gentle breeze.

My number two sound is both relaxing and a sound of promise. The promise of time spent on the beach.

I gotta give number one to the most peaceful sound on the planet. That has to be the sound of rain. Give yourself a break and play this, close your eyes and relax a few minutes.