A recent facebook post by KPLC has unleashed a hail storm of comments. The poll showed Mary Landrieu in the lead in the senate race. There were some who doubted the poll.

Getty Images/ Brendan Hoffman

Some of the comments were ...

I have a feeling KPLC is backing Landrieu

Hey KPLC......take a poll of the comments to this post and let's see if it agrees with your poll. And while your at it, try calculating the results using Common Core Math!!

They polled downtown New Orleans

Everybody please calm down and relax, it's just a KPLC-TV/Raycom poll... the poll is not an accurate representation of the majority of Louisiana or even Southwest Louisiana for that matter and I would be inclined to believe the poll is actually biased considering how KPLC is always attacking conservatives and promoting the liberal agenda in their reporting.

Is this KPLC post for real????
Do they expect any fairly intelligent person to believe it???

There were a few in favor of Landrieu though ...

I see we have a lot of dumb low-information voters in SW Louisiana. Half of you who vote against Landrieu are at or below the poverty level. Go ahead and vote against Landrieu so you can get another Jindal-type Republican who will sell you out to the oil industry and Wall St. Republican voters are sheeps being led to slaughter and don't even realize it.

Mary will be getting my vote tomorrow, (10/21), via early voting...

LANDRY WILL win we don't need another REPUBLICAN IN OFFICE AND NOT jender for sure (I think she meant Landrieu and Jindal)

So what do you think? Do you believe the poll? Take our poll on the poll.