Dorothy Baker-Flugence is not a woman you want to mess with. Dorothy has joined the ever increasing list of women who refuse to be victims. the man who tried to make her a victim went to the hospital while Dorothy continued with her errands.

Here's a great story.

Side note- the woman in the picture is NOT Dorothy. All her pics were copyright protected and I certainly don't want to cross her!

Dorothy Baker-Flugence had gone to CVS with two of her six children on Friday, and when they returned to their mini-van, they discovered suspect Ismael Martinez inside, holding a knife. He reportedly demanded that Baker-Flugence drive him to a nearby ATM. But she fought back as she drove, successfully grabbing hold of the knife and calling 911. She then swerved her car into a telephone phone and punched Martinez in the face. At that point he fled the car, but as he tried to run away, Baker-Flugence ran him over! Martinez was taken to a local hospital and once he is discharged he’ll be facing felony charges. "You don't come after people with kids," Baker-Flugence said. "I told [Martinez] he messed with the wrong witch." No doubt about that!

Baker said she didn't mean to run over the man, she just wanted to stop him from hurting anyone else. Hey, you don't have to defend your actions to me. Well, except for the fact that you failed to back up and hit him again.