You probably did chores when you were little. I remember getting a twenty five cent allowance for my efforts. That got raised to a dollar when I was a teenager. We certainly did not get rich and I assure you we worked for our money. It is a different world now!

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Dial Global ask if kids have it too easy today when it comes to chores around the house? And if they are required to do chores, should they get paid for them and what should you do when they don’t? has a neat info graph about kids, chores and allowances. Here are some of the stats:

87% of children do chores; 96% of them complain about it.

91% of parents don’t think children do enough chores.

The top chores parents remember doing as kids: the dishes, vacuuming and the laundry.

Kids’ least favorite chores: picking up around the house, cleaning the bathroom and dishes.

“Lost” chores some parents remember doing that kids don’t have to now: chop wood, polish the silver and milk the cows.

Chores kids don’t mind doing: caring for pets, helping cook and setting the table.

46% of kids get an allowance – and allowance is tied to chores for 28% of kids.

The average age kids start doing chores: 4-1/2. The top chore for all ages is picking up around the house.


Average   allowance by age:
0-4 $2
5-7 $3
8-10 $5
11-13 $6
14-17 $10