Interesting study coming out of the Netherlands today regarding longevity and certain types of work and according to this study, Doing housework of any kind can lengthen you life by a little over two years, but the health benefits are only present for women.

The explanation of that phenomenon is far less chauvinistic than it may seem at first blush. According to the article in the New Zealand Herald, the reason is because women tend to throw themselves into their work and, as a result, they get a better work-out than men; doing the same job.

Overall, when it comes to cleaning, women are more likely to do a through job while most men will do just enough to "get by."  As a result, men get almost no health benefit from doing housework, but the study leave out the guys in it's research.

It seems that, at least according to this study, doing yard work can also add just over two years to a man's life.The thing about this statistic is that women also enjoy the benefits of yard work so the figures are not as hard and fast as they are in the housekeeping department.While both sexes do get a health benefit from yard work,the study shows get more out of yard work because they attack it head-on.

Given today's world climate, you can count on this article drawing fire.