Talk about your cold cases. The mystery of Jack the Ripper goes back to the 1880's, but now, thanks to DNA technology, the crime has been solved.

According to The Evening Standard, Russell Edwards, a London based author has named JACK THE RIPPER.

It seems that, about 7 years ago, Edwards bought a shawl that contained blood samples from both a victim and Jack the Ripper.

After tons of DNA testing, it turn out that Jack the Ripper was none other than one of the prime suspects from the 1880's by the name of Aaron Kosminski.

Back in the 1880's DNA testing didn't exist and authorities never had enough evidence to arrest the man, much less convict him.

There have been hundreds of suspects over the years including a famous artist and even a few members of the royal family.

Aaron Kosminski died in an asylum in England at the age of 53.

You can see what the man looked like HERE

Get ready for an onslaught of books about this one!