Technology has changed the English language a great deal especially over the last decade or so. Think about how, phrases and names from less than 10 years ago are already obsolete.

Here are just a few:

1.  "Be kind, rewind."

I love the TV ad where the guy says that when he returns a DVD to the Video Store ( another word about to be extinct) he never rewinds it!

2.  "Call me collect."

Can you even make a collect call anymore? I wouldn't know where to start! I suppose we could add to this phrase , "Do you have a quarter for the pay phone?'

3.  "I'm developing the photos."

Remember when you took a picture and didn't know how it turned out for at least a day?

4.  "Check the classifieds."

You mean actually hold a newspaper?

5.  "Call a travel agent."

My travel agent is that little gnome guy

6.  "Ask for directions."

Well, ya go down to where old man Miller's barn used to be...

7.  "Call 411."

For some reason, this one sounds even more antiquated than the others.

8.  "They're in the Yellow Pages."

Remember 'Let your fingers do the walking?' It wasn't all that long ago that the Yellow Pages were the only way to find several businesses of the same kind in one place.

And those are just a few of the phrases we either seldom hear or will never hear again. Each year, technology does away with some words and adds new ones.

How long will it be before 'Google it' will have no meaning at all?