The AIDS statistics for SWLA are alarming! There are 1,000 known cases in the five Parish area and the Aids Council believes there are at least that many more that have not been confirmed.
How great to be able to help a good cause just by going out to eat?

Here are the participating restaurants...

On Thursday, April 26th restaurants across Southwest Louisiana will be participating in the third-annual Dining Out for Life (DOFL) Southwest Louisiana- what papers in other cities hosting this event have called "the busiest restaurant night of the year!". Dining out for Life will benefit hundreds of men, women, and children throughout our region living with HIV/AIDS. Participation is as easy and dining out at a DOFL restaurant, and they make the donation. Please visit the participating restaurant page where you can search by location, cuisine type, and meals served and remember to support these amazing restaurants throughout the year, they truly make a difference in our community! Remember, making a difference is as easy as going out to eat! Each of our restaurants will donate a portion of the cost of your meal to the fight against HIV & AIDS. Thank you again for helping us make sure that no one faces AIDS alone. You are our hero!

The Aids Council has all participating restaurant and their donations HERE