Sometimes it's interesting to know just what inspired certain songs. Sometimes the answers are pretty surprising, too.

I'll give you an example:

This is fairly well known, but John Lennon often said that he wrote the song 'Nowhere Man' about himself. Nothing like a bit of self loathing to turn out a hit.

Recently, the folks at TMZ were filming in Nashville and who should show up, just by chance, but John Oates. Just in passing, Oates told TMZ about the inspiration for 'Rich Girl.'

According to Oates, the inspiration for 'Rich Girl' was actually a guy by the name of Victor Walker.  His dad owned the Original Pancake House in Chicago, and 15 KFC franchises. Victor had a lot of money and he spent most of it having a good time. John Oates told TMZ that one day, Victor showed up at Daryl Hall's house and he was just completely burned out from his fast spending lifestyle. It seems that too much money and too many drugs took their toll.

Hall sat down and wrote the song and decided that a song called 'Rich Guy' just didn't work, so he changed it to 'Rich Girl' and helped make himself a 'Rich Guy.'

Cool story!

Here's a really good 'Live' performance of  'Rich Girl' from Hall and Oates