Brian Williams has gone from being a news anchor to being the news.

Williams was caught with his hand in the cookie jar when his helicopter story was shot down. Now, it appears that some folks are questioning his story about Hurricane Katrina.

Now, Williams was in New Orleans for his coverage of Katrina, but it's one of the details that is raising eyebrows.

According to the story, Williams filed a report stating that he saw a body float by his French Quarter hotel room. Scoffers point out the fact that, while some parts of New Orleans were under a great deal of water, the French Quarter was not nearly as flooded.

According to MSN, an article in The Advocate said,

the French Quarter — a historic neighborhood popular with tourists — was never flooded in the way other districts of the city were. A Federal Emergency Management Agency document says that flood levels in the French Quarter were low or nonexistent.


Williams also claimed to have come down with dysentery from accidentally ingesting some of the flood water, but MSN quoted a man who provided medical care to people in New Orleans who stated that he didn't see a single case of dysentery. Go figure.

The big question is, how many other events did Brian Williams elaborate beyond the truth?