We all know there was a lot of emotion in Tuesday's election, but the excitement was a bit to much for a Michigan voter who actually died in the voting booth. A dramatic scene to be sure. What happened next is one for the books!

“Dying to vote” became a literal reality for one elderly Michigan man who temporarily expired while filling out his absentee ballot. The unnamed man was ultimately revived by home care nurse Ty Houston, who was filling out his own absentee ballot nearby. “He was dead,” Houston told The Detroit News. “He had no heartbeat and he wasn’t breathing. I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife’s name. He also knew he was in the middle of something very important, and wanted to make sure he finished it. The first question he asked was ‘Did I vote?’” Houston recalled. The man’s wife tried to impress on her husband that his life outweighed his vote, but the man disagreed. He reportedly told his wife only two things mattered to him: “That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote.”