Back in the 40's, television was called "radio." Okay, not really but , before TV came along, people would tune in, not just to hear their favorite songs, but to hear stories acted out. It was up to the listener to provide their own pictures. If you've never heard a radio play, and few have, it's really a treat.

On December 8th at the Strand Theatre, also known as "A Block off Broadway", in Jennings, you'll get a chance to not only hear a radio play, but to see what it was like to be behind the scenes.

Here are all the details

The radio play being presented was actually written in the 40's and was presented on network radio as the "Camel Caravan of Stars Christmas Special." The sponsor was, of course, Camel Cigarettes. Even the "live" commercials are part of the fun on this 1940's throwback.

The show included folks like Jimmy Durante and Frank Nelson of the Jack Benny Show. You may not know the name of Frank nelson, but if you ever saw the Benny show, you know him as the clerk in every store that would approach Benny with his trademark, "Yeeesss?"

In addition to the radio play, there will be Christmas music provided by The ABOB Chorus and the Atta-Boys as well as the Ward/Jennings Elementary Chorus.

Ticket Information

The Cast includes:

92.9 The Lake News Hound:  Scott Lewis in all his Glory!

Julie Fay (from the upcoming Cathedra Films release "The Man in the Chair" )

Gary Shannon ( also from the movie "Man in the Chair"...Don't worry, he doesn't sing)

Colin Fake

David Janise

Terry LeJeune

Amber Breaux

Connie Humble

Bethany Royer