Let me put this in perspective for you. I'll do the math and tell you that 59 meters is about 193 feet and some change. I almost used the word "idiot" in the title instead of "Daredevil", but later thought better of it. Still, you have to be a real Adrenalin junky to even think of doing such a stunt.

The man's name is Laso Schaller and he lives for thrills like this. In this most recent of his videos, we get to see what the crowd sees, plus since Schaller was wearing a helmet cam, we also get to see what he was seeing when he took the jump. If you're extremely afraid of heights, you might get a little dizzy just watching this amazing jump.

By the way, let me point out that this is a free jump and not a bungee jump. this guy is free falling toward the water and he reaches a speed of about 120 km/h or about 75 miles per hour. No thanks.