Celebrating Cultural Common Ground


Here is another excellent family event this Saturday at the Lake  Charles Civic Center !

The Lake Area is very culturally diverse and this is a great celebration of that diversity!

A group of diverse locals have been working with the community to promote cultural harmony based on mutual understanding and respect. Fittingly so, this group is called Common Ground. We believe that by celebrating our diversity, Southwest Louisiana will become a more vibrant and exciting community and be even more attractive to new families, businesses, and industries that are considering locating here.


Common Ground is partnering with the City of Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish and other civic organizations, schools, and local universities to host an international festival in October. We will showcase the art, music, dance, fashion, and food of the different countries represented here. This community event is free to the public and is designed to encourage family participation from all areas of Southwest Louisiana.

The attractions include: a cultural display area, kids international village, world café, and entertainment venue.


We are also seeking participants to share their wonderous and colorful heritage. We hope that you will consider joining us in this endeavor. Your participation will demonstrate your commitment to enriching your community, encouraging tourism and economic development, educating our public, and enhancing the artistic expressions of our diverse community.